About Gulf Timber & Joinery Co.

Gulf Timber & Joinery Co. is classified to one of the finest Carpentry & Joinery in Doha, Qatar. Concept ad eventual operation started in 1979 with the completion of its specialty built 3,000 square meters factory in the industrial area which incorporates the most modern machinery equipments and tools including a full team of very professional workforce with years of experience in their respective areas of specialization.

Today, Gulf Timber is involved in custom made and contract furniture / interior fit-out, throughout Doha, Qatar and soon in the international field. Gulf Timber is committed to providing the need of architects, interior designers, contractors and end users in theirquest for quality and competitive price.

Our management team, staff and workforce draws on their vast experience to provide not only the best quality control procedure, but formulate comprehensive program to meet delivery schedule and project completion time.

From design concept, development, materials election and testing, to procurement. Manufacture, delivery and installation up to the maintenance period. Gulf Timber provides services that can meet specific requirements of its client-from special one-ofitems to mass production of the following:

  • Timber Door Shutters and Frames including Fire Rated Doors.
  • Timber Windows, Paneling and Flooring.
  • External Wood works, Pergolas, Mashrabia Screens and other Timber Structures.
  • Residential, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, and Airport Furnitures.
  • Upholstered Seats, Draperies, and other Soft Furnishing.
  • Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinets.

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